Central Office

Name Title Phone Number Email
Deb Bryant CEO 604-875-9111, ext. 107 dbryant@anhbc.org
Tarun Bhatia CFO 604-875-9111, ext. 101 tbhatia@anhbc.org
Lily Chen HR Director 604-875-9111, ext. 115 lchen@anhbc.org
Donna Cole Operations Manager 604-875-9111, ext. 106 dcole@anhbc.org
Ken Hsueh Information, Referral and Office Administrator 604-875-9111, ext. 100 ken@anhbc.org
Van Tran Payroll and Benefits Manager 604-875-9111, ext. 104 vtran@anhbc.org
Amandeep Singh  Financial Services Manager 604-875-9111, ext. 111 asingh@anhbc.org
Amy Majam  Financial Services Manager 604-875-9111, ext. 102 amajam@anhbc.org
Pam Gonzales  Financial Services Associate 604-875-9111, ext. 103 pamela@anhbc.org
Rohit Sachdeva Financial Services Associate 604-875-9111, ext. 105 rsachdeva@anhbc.org
Milica Ljujic Accounts Payable Officer 604-875-9111, ext. 108 milica@anhbc.org
Ken Nguyen Payroll and Benefits Assistant 604-875-9111, ext. 114  knguyen@anhbc.org

Senior Leadership Team

Name Title Email
Deb Bryant CEO dbryant@anhbc.org
Tarun Bhatia CFO tbhatia@anhbc.org
Lily Chen HR Director lchen@anhbc.org
Penny Bradley Executive Director, Alexandra Neighbourhood House pbradley@alexhouse.net
Donna Chang Executive Director, Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House dchang@cedarcottage.org
Gary Dobbin Executive Director, Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House gdobbin@froghollow.bc.ca
Chantille Viaud Senior Director, Gordon Neighbourhood House chantille@gordonhouse.org
Allen Smith Executive Director, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House allens@kitshouse.org
Jocelyne Hamel Executive Director, Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House jhamel@mpnh.org
Bronco Cathcart Executive Director, Sasamat Outdoor Centre bronco@sasamat.org
Zahra Esmail Executive Director, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House zahra@southvan.org

For a detailed list of staff at neighbourhood houses and outdoor camp, please click here to visit their individual websites.